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South London Sewing Machine Museum [Jan. 17th, 2008|12:50 pm]
Her Majesty's Clockwork Army


  Steampunk often involves a strong DIY element, and for many of us that means making their own clothes, and that means sewing machines.  Now I'll happily admit to being a junky, and possessing far more sewing machines, both ancient and modern, than is strictly necessary and so it is with a certain degree of glee that I found that there's a small museum dedicated to antique sewing machines in the depths of South London.

It only opens between 2-5pm on the first Saturday of the month, so I am proposing a visit there on February 2nd.  If anyone doubts that this is relevant to the group, just look at the inlaid brass beauties on the images of the museum given here:


Who wouldn't waant to be pedalling their way to sartorial excellence on one of those lovelies.  Look; cast iron, transfer prints, crank shafts!  

Would anyone like to join me for a wander round and possibly a spot of tea afterwards?  I shall be collecting the nearest tube stations for my project over at tubewhore so will be dressing up for the occasion.  Company always appreciated.

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