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Kew Bridge Steam Museum Evening Visit [Dec. 4th, 2007|05:20 pm]
Her Majesty's Clockwork Army


 Quite the best collection of steam engines in the world - including the biggest ones in existence - are housed at the Kew Bridge Steam Museum.  The engines are in steam every weekend, but given that we aren't part of the general hoi polloi I've made enquires today on the cost of holding our own Steam Tea Evening in early March 2008. (I'm suggesting March because it's my birthday and I fancy celebrating in some style).

To have a  tea, cake and sandwiches, a full guided tour - including areas normally closed to the visiting public - and 4 steam engines in operation including the largest, the 90" Cornish Beam Engine, biggest still in existence in the world - works out to about £20 a head.  This is the worst case senario, and will get cheaper if we a) have more than 20 people interested and b) don't have the big engine and the fuel costs, but just the 3 rotary engines.

I have mentioned that we are a dressing-up group, and the Museum is more than happy for us to pose about in our finery with the machinery - as the hire costs for a photo shoot here can be heavy this is a very reasonable way of getting access to the steamy pretties, on top of a friendly social event with cakey goodness thrown in.  

Rest assured I am still working on a Cornish SteamPunk Weekend as well, but this might have to wait until later in the year)

20 people will be the minimum needed to make this happen, and I'll need deposits to secure the booking by the end of January, with the event being Friday 7th March 2008.  Are people interested?

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[User Picture]From: _pyromancer_
2007-12-05 01:35 pm (UTC)

Definetly interested in this, as possibly is my SO (work permitting). I'd love to see the big beam engine running, wouldn't mind paying a bit extra for that.
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