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Mr Tip [Nov. 11th, 2007|12:36 pm]
Her Majesty's Clockwork Army


Good afternoon,

I believe I have been posting for far too long without any pictoral reference to my wardrobe.

The waistcoat and trousers were made by my extremely talented (and gorgeous) girlfriend. We found the material in a clearance sale for £1 a meter, so bought their entire stock. :)

The front panels of the waistcoat are chocolate brown latex, and the back is gold latex.

I made the "Gentlemans companion, self-buttling quick-tie cravat", which is gold latex, with a tie-pin detail made from a clock-face button, and a handy clasp closure at the back, when you don't have a butler to hand. ;)

(If you're wondering about the inclusion of rubber, we make rubber clothes for a living, as Lickorishlatex, so putting in a little of ourselves and our own interpretation of steampunk, always ends up being latex-based. And conveniently I feel it goes really well with the genre too.

I made some cufflinks from some more clockface buttons and a few chain links. (Unfortunately they'd run out of the gold clock-face buttons so I had to make-do with black.)

My trousers don't have any pockets (although I wouldnt ruin the cut by putting things in them if they did), so I made by hip-bag from an antique binoculars case, rivetting on some rubber strapping for the belt, and an unusual brass clasp at the side, and as I wear bags low-slung, I included a braces strap to keep it in place.

So there you have him, my current steampunk outfit, in which for some (Alan Partridge based) reason I am known as Mr Tip. Mr Tungsten Tip. (Although we also refer to it as my Vic Reeves outfit.) :)

*waves* Hello. :)

[User Picture]From: angryangeltoo
2007-11-11 03:14 pm (UTC)

I have

Encountered you on other forums. Hi again and a very very very nice outfit :)
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